“I turned to CALA very last minute when I was all over the place with college audition preparations and everyone at CALA was beyond helpful and understanding. After meeting with Ann and Bridgette, I felt far more secure in my college auditions and had a much better understanding of deadlines and what would be expected of me. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I was truly able to focus on the acting. The acting coach was and is still extremely helpful. Don was so encouraging and was there to lift me up every step of the way and was flexible in scheduling in case I felt the need to meet last minute before an audition. He is extremely knowledgeable in acting and college audition material. I had an audition in Australia and he was more than helpful in explaining what they expect there in terms of auditions. Talk about a “knowledgeable resource for arts programs across the country”… try the WORLD! With the help of CALA I felt extremely prepared for my auditions and my anxiety about the whole process was replaced by large amounts of confidence. As far as auditions go, I felt far more prepared than my peers because of the help I had from CALA. I loved the audition material they found for me, the organization, and the encouraging and friendly atmosphere. I have and will continue to recommend CALA to anyone looking for college audition help! They truly saved my life (and saved my parents a whole lot of stress).”

Hallie Kostrencich

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