Each student is unique and College Audition LA understands that. Our team works with you to create a plan that is unique and appropriate for you! Each CALA student will receive personalized attention for all phases of the college application and audition process. At CALA, it’s YOU first.

CALA Is A Supplement To Your High School College Counseling

College Audition LA is not a replacement for your high school college counseling but is a supplement to assist with the very specific and arduous arts audition requirements!  It is CALA’s desire to work together with your high school college counselor to help choose the “right fit” schools both from an academic and arts perspective.

Assessing Your Needs

Each College Audition LA client will participate in a three-part assessment in order to determine where the student is artistically and academically, and what the student is aiming to achieve.  We look at the student’s personality, talent, skill set, needs for improvement, academic background, future aspirations and so much more. From there, we come up with a preliminary plan which includes program recommendations, resumé building, skills development and artistic discovery.

What CALA Can Do For You

  • College Counseling: While searching for and applying to colleges are important tasks, CALA believes it is equally important to help YOU maintain a healthy sense of balance and perspective throughout the process. To that end, CALA aids in setting realistic goals and expectations. CALA’s College Counseling department adheres to the NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) Principles of Good Practices. CALA’s College Counseling department will:
    • confirm all pertinent application, pre-screen, and live audition deadlines (as applicable) using a state-of-the art tracking and research website;
    • review testing and create a timeline for SAT/ACT/Subject Tests;
    • assist with high school class selection;
    • assist in obtaining academic letters of recommendation;
    • assist in the creation of the college list of schools based on GPA, test scores, and preferred performing arts majors (“List of Schools”);
    • work with the CALA Team to build the list of arts requirements and deadlines based on your List of Schools;
    • discuss financial aid process and assist with the forms;
    • provide scholarship search and preparation assistance;
    • discuss and evaluate application options (Early Decision, Early Action);
    • present in-depth essay preparation including brainstorming, practice, and editing;
    • advise on extracurricular activities and your Brag Sheet for application activities section; and
    • supervise and advise on entire application process including proof-reading.
  • Arts Counseling: In addition to the full service college counseling detailed above, the entire College Audition LA Team, led by the CALA Artistic Director in collaborations with the other specialized CALA Directors, work together to provide the planning and strategy to get you packaged and prepared for your college admissions submissions.  You will work directly with the CALA Director specialized in your arts focus (i.e., vocal, instrumental, production, acting, screenwriting, directing, music composition, etc.) to counsel, guide, develop, and prepare you for your prescreen or supplemental submissions for your List of Schools.  The entire CALA Team works together to package you into the best possible candidate when you present yourself to the audition panels. Additionally, the CALA Team works together to ensure that you are on track and submit your materials on time.  CALA is here to make sure that you have the best shot at your top choice schools and scholarship funds.
  • Audition Interview Preparation And Mock Auditions:  College Audition LA helps prepare you for your in-person auditions. You only have one chance to make a first impression and CALA wants your first impression in front the auditors to be amazing! Your CALA team will prepare you for your interview(s) by making sure that you are comfortable being YOU when you walk into the interview room, shine with personality, and are able to answer any question or handle any situation that is presented to you.  Opportunities to participate in Mock Auditions will be held throughout the year if you wish to run through a simulated audition with one-on-one feedback.
  • Resumé Assistance and Headshot Selection:  As a CALA student, you will receive one-on-one assistance with your resumé and help with selecting the right headshot to submit with your applications.

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